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Our mission is to continuously innovate the Phalaenopsis! Every day, our professional team of breeders lovingly and enthusiastically creates new, distinctive varieties. We also present varieties from other leading breeders. In short, a unique and complete range. For each grower in every market segment. We work together to create a flourishing future for the Phalaenopsis orchid by inspiring Phalaenopsis professionals with trends and new varieties and by connecting them with each other. As a committed partner, we endeavour to exceed the expectations of our customers. Our personal approach and excellent service are what set us apart from the rest. Together with our customer, we always take ‘The next step in orchids’!


‘The secret behind successful breeding
is seeing things differently

Ed Moor, Assortment/ Breeding

Breeding & propagation

The next step in breeding
The most distinctive and productive varieties

Sion Breeding

Every day our team of breeders lovingly and enthusiastically creates new and special Phalaenopsis varieties. It all starts in our nursery, where a selection of the strongest and most distinctive stock plants is housed.

With years of experience, knowledge of plants and a good dose of creativity, we make the most beautiful crossings with these plants every year. Each new variety has to meet a significant amount of selection criteria. We look at shelf life, growing time and distinctiveness in the market. Thanks to the latest techniques and strict selection criteria, only the most distinctive and beautiful varieties remain. What’s more, we test each new variety extensively in practice, together with our customers. The result, proximately 8 years after the first crossing, is the most special and distinctive Phalaenopsis varieties.

This is how we keep on surprising the market and the consumer!

Sion Young Plants Orchidee Stektray met orchidee

‘We can provide our customers with cultivation advice, international market information and help with assortment selection.’

Randy van Paassen, Sales / Marketing Manager

Sion Sales

Creating for your customer's demand

Sion’s sales team

Together we take orchids further!

Your customer – whether it’s a florist, garden centre, supermarket or discount store – wants a suitable range. We look forward to advising you on cultivation and the most suitable range for your customers, based on our expertise and knowledge of the market. From excellent standard varieties to special colours. We aim to take the burden off our customers as much as possible. Thanks to our personal relationships, years of experience and our extensive network, we can also be your partner in the field of business strategic issues such as new construction.

Sion stands for transparency. We extensively test our varieties for you and make the results available. Plantscout, a tool that allows you to evaluate and share variety information, also offers you a lot of insight. Via Tracking & Tracing, we also offer data such as original plant names, laboratory origin, date of weaning and unique numbers per tray. Would you like to have a say in the varieties we breed or visit our company?

You’re absolutely welcome!

‘It’s our mission to
continuously innovate Phalaenopsis!’

Danique Nederpel, Marketing


Let's become partners!


Sion is known for its progressive marketing and expressions. Sion is also your partner in marketing. In the Sion Trend Lab we regularly organise inspiring events for Phalaenopsis marketers to keep Phalaenopsis top-of-mind with the consumer. We also offer support in the area of marketing Sion varieties, for example by means of joint promotional campaigns.



In our extensive image bank you can find beautiful images and plant stories of our varieties. These images are specially developed for promotional material and (online) content for you and your customer. Want to know more and/or interested in our marketeers events?



The Sion company has been in existence for over 35 years. In 1988, Sion entered the world of Phalaenopis orchids as a grower. Back then, you still couldn’t order orchids by variety name. This was a major disadvantage if you want to stand out in the market and create demand for your varieties, in our opinion. So, in 1993, Sion started breeding its own varieties. And with success: in 2008 Sion made the switch to professional breeding and propagation of Phalaenopsis. Our fellow growers became our clients.

Sion grows young plants in the Netherlands, and these young plants find their way to growers worldwide. In 2021 we joined forces with the German in-vitro lab Hark Orchids. The specialities of both companies complement each other perfectly.

Together with our customer, we always take ‘The next step in orchids’!

Hark Orchids

State of the art in-vitro lab

Hark Orchids

After working together for over 20 years, in 2021 we’ve joined forces with the German lab Hark Orchids. For more than 50 years Hark has been an independent and reliable in-vitro laboratory for breeders and young plant growers worldwide. The specialities of both companies complement each other perfectly. Hark is known for its high-quality laboratory propagation and Sion for its distinctive breeding and sales and marketing activities. By merging our qualities, we can respond to our customers’ individual wishes even better and react to market developments even faster.

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Sion is an inspiring environment for our employees. We offer our employees ample scope for independence, personal development and advancement. We are always looking for talented starters and ambitious people for various positions.

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