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Continuously innovating Phalaensopis, that is our mission! Every day, with a lot of care and passion, our professional team of breeders creates new, distinguished varieties. In addition, we present varieties from other leading breeders. This results in a unique and complete range. For any grower in any market segment. The strong foundation of world-wide Hark labs and production sites – our own and those of our partners – enables us to supply propagation material and young plants to growers all over the world. By inspiring Phalaenopsis professionals with trends and new varieties and bringing them together, we are working towards a blossoming future for the Phalaenopsis orchid. As a committed partner, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. We distinguish ourselves by our personal approach and excellent service. Together with our customer we always take ‘The next step in orchids’!


‘The secret behind successful breeding
is seeing things differently

Ed Moor, Assortment/ Breeding

Bundled expertise between Hark and Sion

Breeding & propagation

Every day, with a lot of care and passion, our team of enthusiastic breeders is working very hard to develop the most special Phalaenopsis varieties. This starts in our breeding room, which houses a selection of the strongest and most distinctive mother plants.

While Hark Orchideeën is known for its high quality lab propagation, Sion is known for its distinguishing breeding activities. Together we offer years of experience and plant knowledge. With a good dose of creativity, we also produce the most beautiful hybrids with our plants. Each new variety is subjected to a large number of selection criteria. Amongst other things, we look at durability, growth speed and quality, as well as the ability to stand out in the market. By using the latest techniques and strict selection criteria, only the most distinctive and beautiful varieties remain. Together with our clients, each new variety is extensively tested in practice. Approximately 8 years after the first hybrids, this results in the most special and distinctive Phalaenopsis varieties.

In this way we continue to surprise the market as well as the consumer

Sion Young Plants Orchidee Stektray met orchidee

‘We can provide our customers with cultivation advice, international market information and help with assortment selection.’

Randy van Paassen, Sales / Marketing Manager

Together we take

orchids further!

Sion Sales

Your customer – whether a florist, garden center, supermarket or discounter – is looking for a suitable range. Based on our expertise and knowledge of the international market, we are looking forward to consulting you about cultivation and the most suitable range for your customers. From excellent standard varieties to special colors. Our aim is to make sure that our clients have as little to worry about as possible. Our personal relationship, years of experience and extensive network allows us to be your international partner in the field of business strategic issues such as new constructions. In addition, we can provide consultation in relation to scheduling around peak periods.

Sion stands for transparency. We extensively test our varieties for you and make the results available. You can also use Plantscout, a tool that allows you to evaluate and share variety information and provides you with a lot of insight. Via Tracking & Tracing we provide information such as original plant names, origins of labs, pricking out dates and unique numbers per tray. Do you want to have a say about the varieties that we breed or would you like to visit our company?

You are very welcome!

‘It’s our mission to
continuously innovate Phalaenopsis!’

Danique Nederpel, Marketing

Let’s become



Sion is known for its forward-looking marketing and communication. Sion really wants to be your partner in marketing. We can support you in creating convincing marketing materials. In addition, we offer custom-made promotional opportunities for your Sion varieties that perfectly match your customers’ brands.

Discover our Image database, here you will find a beautiful collection of images of our most unique varieties. These images will not only inspire you, but your customers as well.

In addition, we proudly present Sion’s Trend Lab, where we will introduce you to the latest consumer trends in horticulture. We do not only showcase these trends, but also show how you can apply them to Phalaenopsis, so that you will always stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of horticulture. Our Trend Lab also regularly provides the backdrop for inspiring events for Phalaenopsis marketeers.

Together we have more than

100 years of experience 


The company HARK has been active for more than 115 years. People have been working with plants at this same site in Lippstadt, Germany since 1904. In 1949, Fritz Hark laid the foundation stone for today’s company. His good instinct for plants, innovative strength and perseverance were the traits that characterized him. When he bought his first orchid, this was the start of his passion for these fascinating plants, a passion that is still characteristic for our company. In 1967, HARK had a breakthrough in cultivation, with the first pink Phalaenopsis!

The company Sion has been active for more than 35 years. In 1988, Sion entered the world of Phalaenopsis orchids as a grower. In those days, it was not yet possible to order orchids by their variety names. We thought that this was a major shortcoming, if you want to distinguish yourself in the market and create demand for your varieties. That is why Sion started to breed its own varieties in 1993. And with success: in 2008 Sion made the switch to professional breeding and propagation of Phalaenopsis. Our colleague growers became our clients. Sion grows young plants in the Netherlands, which find their way to growers all over the world. From Sion Brazil, we supply to growers in South America.

In 2021, HARK and Sion joined forces. The capabilities of both companies complement each other perfectly. And we have not been idle since then. In 2022 we entered into an exclusive partnership with Bevo Farms in Canada. In addition to Phalaenopsis cuttings in lab cups, this enables Sion to supply propagation material in plug or half-grown with – or without – stem. With a local delivery time of 2 to 4 days, we maintain a tight delivery plan, with weekly deliveries throughout the year or large deliveries during peak periods such as holidays.
Together with our customer we always take ‘The next step in orchids’!

Will you make

‘the next step’ with us?

Working at Sion

Looking forward to a new challenge?

Sion is an inspiring environment for our employees. We offer our employees plenty of room for independence, personal development and growth. For an extensive range of positions, we are always looking for talented starters and experienced workers who are looking for new challenges.

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