PRESS RELEASE | A limitless experience during the first-ever Sion Open Edmonton 

On Friday, September 29, the first-ever Sion Open Edmonton event A limitless experience will take place at Bevo Farms’ location in Edmonton, Canada. The event is a first in the partnership between Bevo Farms and Sion Young Plants and will include an exclusive tour of Bevo Farms’ innovative closed greenhouse. A unique opportunity for North American Phalaenopsis growers to discover the future of Phalaenopsis cultivation.

During this event, American growers will have ample opportunity to view the new Phalaenopsis location and review the Sion Young Plants assortment. The tour will focus on the latest production techniques of closed cultivation. In addition, many of Sion Young Plants varieties will be presented, including Top models, New Arrivals and varieties from the “Breeders in the spotlight.”  The day will conclude with an exclusive dinner where guests can expect a breathtaking showcase of the unique varieties and there will be time to meet peers, share knowledge and network.


About Sion Young Plants and Bevo Farms  

In May 2022, Sion Young Plants and Bevo Farms entered into an exclusive partnership for the propagation of Phalaenopsis. Bevo Farms is a nursery that produces various products, including flowering plants and various young vegetable plants. It brings with it more than 35 years of experience. The Edmonton location features an array of state-of-the-art conveniences. For example, the greenhouse is fully enclosed, with no vents, and all products are on tables on dense concrete floors, ensuring controlled air and moisture quality and excellent hygiene. The propagation of our plants also takes place locally, in our North American laboratory. Sion Young Plants is one of the top international breeders and propagators of Phalaenopsis. It offers an extensive assortment and marketing and sales expertise.

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