Breeder in the Spotlight:
Piko Breeding

Breeder and grower: a golden combination

The de Koning family has been active in the orchid world since the 80s. They started breeding at the end of the 90s and their experience as growers plays an important role here. It deviates from the usual practice by selecting varieties on a practical level.

“Our love for Phalaenopsis and the pursuit of perfection led to the establishment of the breeding branch. The most exceptional varieties are bred for the high segment with a lot of love and devotion. What’s more, experience and a large dose of imagination are core qualities.” ‘Piko varieties’ have exceptionally large flowers, short branch lengths and extravagant colour combinations.

For Piko, peace of mind is the most important reason for bringing successful varieties to Sion. “Sion takes care of the sales and marketing of our improved varieties worldwide, so that we can do what we love best: creating breathtaking new varieties”, says Arno de Koning.

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