Inspiring Marketeers Meet Up
with focus on ChatGPT

On Monday, June 19, the Marketeers Meet Up took place at Sion Young Plants, especially for marketing professionals working at clients of Sion. Kim Pot, an expert on AI and ChatGPT, gave an engaging workshop on the latest developments in her field and its impact on content creation. In addition, marketeers had the opportunity to take a comprehensive tour of Sion’s brand new Trend Lab.

Theme: ChatGPT
The Marketeers Meet Up provided a unique opportunity for marketeers to expand their knowledge and explore the latest developments in AI and ChatGPT. Expert Kim Pot provided an inspiring workshop in which she delved deeper into ChatGPT and its impact on content creation. Attendees were able to learn how to integrate AI and ChatGPT into their marketing strategies and how these tools help create innovative and personalized content.

Presentation of the brand new Trend Lab
After the inspiring workshop, the marketeers were invited to tour Sion Young Plants’ brand new Trend Lab. During this comprehensive tour, the group was taken into the fascinating world of the latest Phalaenopsis consumer trends. The Trend Lab offered an abundance of inspiration with matching ceramics, innovative packaging and striking content ideas.

P.s.: this blog was written using ChatGPT.

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