PRESS RELEASE | Our first ever Sion Open in Edmonton Canada took place

In the Netherlands, Sion has been organizing Sion Open for years: the well-known open house with a spectacular dinner at the end. Last week the first edition took place in Edmonton, Canada at Bevo Farms. For North American Phalaenopsis growers, the day began with a tour of Bevo Farms’ innovative closed greenhouse and an opportunity to admire the Sion Young Plants assortment. In the evening, guests were able to enjoy the “Top Model Show” while enjoying a culinary dinner.

Innovative product location & Phalaenopsis varieties

During the event, North American growers and Sion’s Dutch and Brazilian customers were given extensive opportunity to view the new Phalaenopsis location. During the tour, all the latest production techniques of closed cultivation were shown. For example, the fully enclosed greenhouse without vents, which ensures controlled air and moisture quality and excellent hygiene. In addition, many of Sion Young Plants varieties were presented, including Topmodels, New Arrivals and varieties from the “Breeders in the spotlight.”

 Energizing evening

In the evening, the meeting moved to the Royal Hotel, where the exclusive gathering of 70 people, received presentations by Sion & Bevo, as well as Kubo, on the future of greenhouse construction. During this meeting, attendees enjoyed an exquisite culinary dinner. Of course, Sion showed that they can go big, and they did. They presented their ‘Top Models’ varieties in an exceptionally unique way: through a real Top Model Show!

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Sion Open Edmonton
Sion Open Edmonton

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