Sion starts exclusive partnership with Bevo Farms in Canada

Recently, Sion Young Plants (Sion), entered into an exclusive partnership with Canada-based company Bevo Farms for the breeding of its genetics. Thanks to this, Sion is now able to provide its customers with Phalaenopsis cuttings not only in laboratory cups, as well as cuttings in plug or half-grown with – or without – a spike. Products can be ordered by color as well as by variety, from Sion’s wide range and from that of fellow breeders. Above all, the short local delivery time of 2 to 4 days allows for a tight delivery schedule, thereby making possible a year-round weekly delivery or just a large delivery in peak periods for the holidays.

“Our partnership with Bevo Farms allows us to serve our customers in Canada and North America even better. Bevo Farms is a state-of-the-art nursery and is breeding with genetics from Sion. Sion has access to a very extensive assortment, through its own genetics and through cooperation with fellow breeders, under the heading ‘Breeders in the spotlight’. As a result, there are suitable varieties available for every customer.
Whereas Bevo Farms provides optimal breeding and logistics, we in turn can provide customers with growing advice, market information and assortment selection. Handling and delivery is made directly through Bevo Farms. We see this partnership as a very positive step in providing U.S. and Canadian consumers with the locally increasingly popular orchids,”
says sales manager Randy van Paassen (Sion).

The first cuttings in plug trays are expected to be delivered beginning January 2023, followed by the half-grown with or without branch beginning September 2023.

About Bevo Farms

As early as 1986, the originally Dutch Bevo Farms has been operating in Langley, Vancouver. With more than 63 acres of modern stands spread over five locations, Bevo Farms has amply proven itself over the past 35 years as a reliable and innovative propagation partner of flowering plants and various young vegetable plants, among others. “Our innovative propagation techniques lead to a superior product, in addition our experienced cultivation teams ensure an ideal and consistent growing climate, propagation is in this company’s DNA,” says Peter Kuijvenhoven Manager of Operations (Bevo Farms).

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