‘Sion’s Flower Dinnershow’ a great spectacle

On Tuesday evening, June 13, the spectacular ‘Sion’s Flower Dinner Show’ took place. The evening opened with an inspiring table discussion. Two market leaders shared valuable insights about the Phalaenopsis market in Brazil and Mexico during this discussion. In addition, Sion Young Plants provided a stunning ‘Sion’s Flower Dinnershow,’ where the invitee could enjoy an entertainment show with a five-course culinary dinner.


Inspiration from market leaders from Brazil and Mexico
Sion opened the evening with an inspiring table discussion led by Fred van der Hoeven. During this discussion, Phalaenopsis growers Patrick van de Weijer of Ecoflora and Rogelio Olascoaga of Chiltepec shared their insights on the market and business operations in Brazil and Mexico. In addition, attendees had the chance to admire the 200 different varieties of Phalaenopsis from Sion Young Plants, including the Top Models, New Arrivals and Test Varieties. Also, the brand new Trend Lab brought visitors a source of inspiration and new ideas.


Sion’s Flower Dinnershow
During “Sion’s Flower Dinnershow,” Sion Young Plants provided a surprise experience for its customers with an entertainment show of dance and song. Between the acts, a high-quality five-course dinner was served. The audience consisted of a diverse crowd, including growers, traders and other fellow professionals, resulting in engaging and inspiring conversations among all who were present.


Realized by
James Dance: show en entertainment
SMAAK&MEER: diner/ catering
Trefzeker: opbouwen & bediening
Ende Systems: techniek, licht en geluid
Sand & Spijker: aankleding en styling

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