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Sion Trend Lab

Our mission is to continuously innovate the Phalaenopsis! In the Sion Trend Lab, we present our newest varieties year-round. We also launch the latest consumer trends in ornamental horticulture and show how you can apply these trends to the Phalaenopsis. To make it easy to apply the trends to your practice, we develop extensive trend cards – exclusively for our clients – with PMS colours and ceramics.
Visit the Sion Trend Lab in De Lier and discover the future!


Sion’s Image bank

Explore the most beautiful Phalaenopsis images
Phalaenopsis Orchidee Rosion Phalaenopsis Orchidee Horizion Phalaenopsis Orchidee Yvion

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Inspiring images

Sion has built up an amazing image database over the past few years. A stunning collection of images of our most beautiful varieties to inspire you and your customers. The images are free to download for your own use.

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