PRESS RELEASE | The secret of the Efteling revealed
during a Magical Sion Café

On Monday evening, Nov. 6, Sion Young Plants traditionally organized a networking reception for its customers before the start of the Trade Fair. The event, under the title “Magical Sion Café,” had a fairy-tale theme. The guests were inspired by the fascinating lecture by Olaf Vugts, former creative director of the Efteling. During the lecture “Imagineering,” Olaf revealed the secret of creating, by looking through the eyes of your target audience. Afterwards, Sion Young Plants provided a fine networking reception with culinary delights and sophisticated drinks.

The magic of the most customer-friendly company in the Netherlands
As park, marketing and creative director, among others, Olaf Vugts has more than 32 years of experience at the Efteling. For years, the theme park has managed to excel in customer friendliness and this year won the Fonk Award, as the most customer-friendly company of 2023. During the “Imagineering” lecture, Olaf revealed the secret of creating by looking through the eyes of your target audience. With a handful of stories from his time at the Efteling, he magically illustrated how he has successfully applied this approach, turning customer focus into customer friendliness.

Networking drinks
After the lecture, the more than 60 attendees had the opportunity to network while enjoying delicious treats and drinks. In addition, attendees had the chance to admire the 200 different varieties of Phalaenopsis from Sion Young Plants, including the Top Models, New Arrivals, Test Varieties and Breeders in the spotlight. Also, the revamped Sion Trend Lab brought visitors a source of inspiration and new ideas.

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