PRESS RELEASE | Breeding Accel pools strengths at IPM Essen

The new year sees the Breeding Accel collaboration take on an extra dimension. The highly acclaimed breeders KP Holland, Interplant Roses, Schoneveld Breeding, Sion Young Plants and Royal Van Zanten will be presenting their product ranges jointly at IPM Essen on stand no. 2D13 under the name Breeding Accel.

Peter van de Pol, spokesperson for Breeding Accel, shares his enthusiasm: “By exhibiting on a joint stand, we are also pooling our commercial strengths and creating an attractive one-stop shop for our supply chain partners where they can see and evaluate the latest innovations in our genetics.”

Breeding companies unite strengths
Breeding Accel represents a powerful collaboration between six leading breeders. Besides the above five ornamental horticulture companies, apple and strawberry breeder Fresh Forward also forms part of the cooperative. By pooling knowledge and research capacities, the companies have been able to make significant progress. “This arrangement has allowed us to accelerate our breeding cycle in recent years, resulting in strong genetic material and shorter times to market launch. We are also sharing a lot of knowledge on human resource management, tissue culture, propagation and sales. As a result of this collaboration, we are making advances in multiple business processes, which ultimately benefits our customers by enabling us to supply stronger and more vigorous starting material,” Peter says.

With its joint presence at IPM, Breeding Accel marks a significant step forward in the collaboration. IPM will be held at the Messe Essen exhibition centre (Essen, Germany) on 23-26 January.

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