PRESS RELEASE | Magical spheres
during Sion Open November

From October 31 through November 10, breeder Sion Young Plants opens its doors exclusively to peers during “Sion Open November”. During this event, Sion will present more than 200 varieties in bloom, including Top Models, New Arrivals, Test Varieties and the Breeders in the Spotlight collection. In the Trend Lab, you will be introduced to current consumer trends. This year’s customer event: “Sion Café” has a magical character. On November 6, former creative director of the Efteling will give his tips and tricks on “imagineering.”
Sion Open is open to peers and by appointment only.

A magical Sion Café
On Monday, November 6, the “Magical Sion Café” will take place, featuring a fascinating lecture by Olaf Vugts. A park, marketing and creative director, among others, Olaf has more than 32 years of experience at the Efteling. During the “Imagineering” lecture, Olaf will reveal the secret of creating by looking through the eyes of your target audience. With a handful of stories from his time at the Efteling, he magically illustrates how he has successfully applied this approach. In short, an evening full of inspiration, networking and delicious food.  Sion Café is open to invited guests only.

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