“Maintain your mystery: Discover the

mystery of Sion’s new facade campaign”

We have just launched an eye-catching facade campaign that absolutely cannot be overlooked! The three impressive images on the prominent location on the N223 form the backdrop for the latest campaign titled “Maintain your mystery. Starring, Phalaenopsis variety “Carribean Dream”.

Be swept away by the tropical appearance of Phalaenopsis Caribbean Dream. A playful salmon-colored cocktail where a touch of lilac provides some extra spice. This campaign is inspired by the beauty of “Caribbean Dream,” a stunning orchid from our “Top Model” collection.

The new campaign encourages us to confidently embrace the unknown and get lost in an enchanting fairytale world, where we are fully immersed in mysterious adventures: ‘Maintain your mystery’. We will make this inspiring theme central to our marketing activities in the coming months, including during Sion Open in November.

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